Al Raha Village, The First and the Ultimate Family Living Space, as Perceived by Its Residents.


Among the various and recurring activities aimed at increasing the ties and enhancing community living among the residents of the Al Raha Village, Eagle Hills Jordan held a day event that stimulates healthy lifestyle and food with exercise session attended by several Al Raha Village community women, accompanied by their friends and relatives who were invited to participate in the event.

When asked about their experience in Al Raha Village and why they chose it to be their home, several ladies stated that Al Raha Village is a modern family-oriented community where they and their families can enjoy nature’s beauty and live in a tranquil lifestyle. In addition to that, the ladies stated that the services, like security and maintenance, alongside the availability of diverse options for facilities, including swimming pools, gym, and kids’ play areas, offering a healthy lifestyle to all family members with peace of mind for parents and plenty of things to do for fun. Finally, the plethora of options for the residential units available in the village. Those options included villas, townhouses, and apartments, catering for families’ expectations a solution that fulfills their lifestyle requirements.

One of Eagle Hills Jordan’s distinguished projects, Al Raha Village is the first residential gated community in Aqaba. With an area expanding over 185,000 sqm, the village offers plenty of residential units and facilities built around the concepts of comfort and privacy where residents can enjoy the tranquil environment and the nature’s beauty.

Since its debut in 2015, Eagle Hills Jordan saves no effort in developing integrated communities that elevate the lifestyle of individuals in Jordan. With its remarkable achievements and exceptional vision, and through its projects in Amman and Aqaba cities, Eagle Hills Jordan contributes significantly to improving Jordan’s tourism and investment sectors, making it  a destination in the region and the world.