Eagle Hills Jordan celebrates the 76th Independence Day with the Kingdom

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 25th of May, all Jordanian people across the whole kingdom unite to celebrate a special event. The Independence Day of Jordan marks a special event where the manifestations of glory, patriotism, and national pride, reflected in their best forms, spread through every corner of the kingdom.

Eagle Hills Jordan participates in these national celebrations by decorating its headquarters in Al Abdali area- which hosts W Amman Hotel and The Skyline Residences- and lighting up the helipad on the rooftop. In Al Abdali, Eagle Hills also distribute the national flags amongst the celebration’s participants. At another location in Amman, the 5th circle, the spirit of joy manifests with the lighting of St. Regis Amman tower. Eagle Hills Jordan’s celebrations extend beyond Amman to reach Aqaba city, where Saraya Aqaba and Al Raha Village adorn with the national flags celebrating this national event.

Regarding the celebrations, Eagle Hills Jordan’s CEO, Mr. Abdullah Al Fraihat, comments: “Celebrating this event on such a wide national scale reflects the feelings of belongingness, glory, and national pride that all Jordanians have for their beloved country and leader, and the impeccable record of achievements Jordan has put together throughout these years. Participating in these celebrations is the least we can do to manifest such values and emotions we have for this kingdom. May Allah protect Jordan, as a country, leader, and people, and keep it safe and sound each year.”