First Water Park in Aqaba and the Largest to Open in the Kingdom within Saraya Aqaba Project

Eagle Hills Jordan, the largest developer in the kingdom, signed a contract with a specialized local contractor for the development of the first of its kind water park in Aqaba, located in Saraya Aqaba project, to be opened at the end of this year. The park is being designed by one of the world’s largest design companies “Amusement Logic”, to maximize comfort and entertainment to the highest standards, and to provide new options for the residents of Aqaba and its visitors throughout the year.

Eagle Hills Jordan has announced that this project will also contribute in rejuvenating local and family friendly tourism to Aqaba, from different ages, especially that the water park is the first of its own in the country, and aims to attract tourists with the facilities it offer through international standards including water games of different types and shapes.

36 Dunams of Fun and Excitement
The water park is located across 36 dunams, with a capacity of around 1865 daily visitors and is divided into two main areas to be suitable for the entire family. First; it offers a children’s area with a wide array of safe and entertaining water games where the second section is for adults, where a number of aquatic adventures are found to provide a unique experience, making it the ideal entertainment destination for the city’s residents and visitors.

The Ultimate Relaxing Experience at the “Lazy River”
This river flows through the entire water park offering an amazingly relaxing experience to the visitors with the opportunity to lay down to enjoy the, slow-moving, shallow water  and the exceptional view in comfort and relaxation.

19 Entertaining Water Slides
A unique and entertaining experience for all age groups! Eagle Hills Jordan has worked on providing 19 water slides in different shapes and colors, which will enhance the guests view and raises the levels of fun and adventure. Some of the slides measures up to 12 meters in height,  surrounded by water leading to a massive pool to add more excitement and fun to the guests experience.

For the First Time in Jordan: Water Skiing and Surfing
For the first time in Jordan, Eagle Hills Jordan will offer this special water park, equipped with a section for skiing and surfing, mirroring the same authentic experience you receive in the ocean or sea, to attract enthusiasts from all over the world. Surfing will enhance the experience of the water park, which will become the ideal destination for thrill and pleasure seekers to spend wonderful times with their families and friends.

Wave Pool
The “Wave Pool” is 16 meters wide with an overall area of 776m²,  located in the family section of the water park. It offers an exciting experience where the visitors can feel as if they are in the ocean while experiencing the thrill of the wave swooping them to the beach.

A diverse range of facilities is available at the water park, including a number of restaurants offering a variety of cuisines under different chains and brands. Through these restaurants, there is always an option for the visitors to enjoy and spend an enjoyable distinctive time.

The waterpark is an example of Eagle Hills Jordan’s commitment in creating masterpieces in developing mega-projects that will help elevate the overall concept of real estate in Jordan taking all guests through a memorable experience.