Aqaba, Jordan – May 15, 2016; Eagle Hills Jordan, a private real estate investment and development company, hosted an exhilarating two-day sailboat race for local residents of Jordan’s port city of Aqaba at its luxury mixed-use tourism and leisure destination Saraya Aqaba.

In collaboration with the Aqaba Aqua Sports Club and under the supervision of the Jordanian Royal Federation, the race, which was comprised of two qualification rounds and one final round, saw the participation of 16 sailors aged 10-16 and a number of spectators. In accordance with the internationally recognised Racing Rules of Sailing, the race culminated in a final competition between the qualified finalists on the evening of the second day.

A local sailing expert served as the event’s judge, verifying the winning sailors of the qualifying rounds and the final race.
Commenting on the race, CEO of Eagle Hills Jordan Alaa Batayneh said, “We are honoured to host this exhilarating sailboat race on Saraya Aqaba’s very own premises, showing participants and spectators alike the upscale lifestyle and idyllic environment that embody this master project’s dedication to quality and originality. By supporting an event that relates to the very core values and culture of the vibrant and refreshing nautical city of Aqaba and encouraging youth to pursue their passions, we are able to foster a deep relationship with the local community. As we further develop a strong affinity with our target audience, we anticipate that we will continue to make headway on and raise awareness of Saraya Aqaba’s developments, aiming for completion of phase one at the end of 2017.”

Batayneh went on to say, “Saraya Aqaba’s recent boom in exponentially increasing progress attests to Eagle Hills Jordan’s dedication to the project and desire to meet the needs of its future residents and potential investors. By respecting Aqaba’s long maritime history and status as a leisure destination for regional tourists, Eagle Hills Jordan is better able to capitalise on its efforts to include Saraya Aqaba in the overall transformation of Aqaba into the bustling, coastal city that it aims to be. The race is one of the most exciting nautical sports events in the area, and it draws attention to Saraya Aqaba’s positioning as an integrated community where people come to thoroughly enjoy life.”

Following a series of momentous milestones that were recently reached, such as the official opening of its on-site sales centre and furnished mock-up residences, the partial filling of its central lagoon, and the release of a premiere selection of its residences for sale, Saraya Aqaba is well on its way to meeting its goals for the future. Positioning itself as a luxurious, vibrant destination for those seeking an unbounded getaway, Saraya Aqaba will feature 850 upscale residential units, including grand villas, villas, grand townhouses, garden townhouses, apartments, beach club duplexes, and lofts. Upon completion of the project, residents and guests will enjoy a variety of retail shops, restaurants, a water park, an amphitheatre, a residents’ beach club, and various other leisure and business venues, all located within a modernised city with a feeling reminiscent of traditional Arabic culture and architecture.