Saraya Aqaba… The Holiday Spirit of a Christmas-Themed Entertainment


With usual sparkle at this time of year, Saraya Aqaba blends entertainment with the splendor of the holiday season. On Friday, December 17, Eagle Hills Jordan will host a Christmas tree lighting event, signaling the beginning of a splendid festive season that has plenty of fun filled experiences and extraordinary moments in store for everyone.

On Fridays and Saturdays through out December till the New Year’s weekend, everyone has a chance to explore a world of Christmas-themed entertainment. The festival this year spreads over, from the Street of Dreams to Saraya Aqaba Beach Club, with Christmas decorations, joy, and happiness among guests.

The magical touch of this year’s festival is the versatile and comprehensive events that satisfy all tastes. Guests will enjoy Christmas choir, bazaar, and food carts all over the place from Aqaba-based restaurants. Those activities, and many more, will make it a complete and magical experience for all the family.

As the joy of Christmas means lots of fun for the kids, several kids entertaining activities are planned in store. Those events include Christmas parades, giant slides, candy cane hunts, crafts, gingerbread making, among many others, to draw smiles of joy and happiness on the children’s faces.

Year after another, Saraya Aqaba’s festive season represents a unique invitation to everyone to enjoy quality family time with their friends and loved ones. Saraya Aqaba’s festival always brings a plethora of entertaining activities and events that satisfy all tastes. In each year, Saraya Aqaba proves being “the unique and ultimate family entertainment destination” in Aqaba city.

Eagle Hills Jordan completed projects and achievements in Amman and Aqaba, proudly makes them carry on the vision of becoming unique integrated urban destinations that cover all life aspects and fulfill any lifestyle requirements.