The Skyline Residences: The Dream Home is real now in the sky of Amman!


With meticulous attention to detail and world-class standards, The Skyline Residences transform the ordinary concept of “home” into an exceptional experience. The Skyline Residences forms an additional milestone in Eagle Hills Jordan’s chain of Innovation.

The reason behind choosing the new heart of Amman; Al Abdali as a location for The Skyline Residences is that it fits well with Eagle Hills Jordan’s vision and standards of the dream home. Al Abdali lives up to Eagle Hills Jordan’s standards of modernity and luxury it represents the ideal environment that hosts multi-purpose spaces, including offices, residential and entertainment facilities.

With the mentality of no small detail is too small, Eagle Hills Jordan saves no effort to deliver the modern and luxurious lifestyle for the residents of The Skyline Residences. Located within the 31st and 37th floors of the W Tower, these luxurious apartments feature a spectacular panoramic view of Al Abdali project and Amman city. These modern apartments are serviced by W Amman, and the residents get to benefit from the services and facilities in the tower, including the spa, gym, restaurants, and outlet stores, which add more luxury and sophistication to the resident’s experience. The apartments themselves fall nothing short of one’s expectations of a dream home as they feature a modern and luxurious interior, practical layout, and world-class furniture. The Skyline Residences represent the ideal answer for anyone’s quest for a luxurious modern lifestyle in Amman.

This iconic modern architecture is now available to all who wish to own a dream home in the center of the capital.

Eagle Hills Jordan announces an exclusive payment plan; 20% down payment and 80% paid over 5 years; which represents a golden opportunity for all aspirants to enjoy unprecedented standards of luxury and sophistication that fits their lifestyle.

As the largest real estate development and investment company in Jordan, Eagle Hills Jordan realizes the actual role of real estate projects, which goes beyond the aesthetic aspects. The actual role of these projects is to bring about sustainable development in the cities. From this perspective, Eagle Hills Jordan works on establishing and managing several projects in Amman and Aqaba, which contribute to creating more economic growth opportunities in both cities, which will have a positive impact on the economy in the kingdom.